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  • Online Learning

    Online Learning

Business registered to the Business Northumberland programme will be able to access the Online Learning Portal at any time – meaning that even if you miss a workshop you can still continue your learning journey, attendance at workshops is subject to eligibility, however the online leaning is available to all registered businesses!

All the content has been developed by expert trainers to bring you the very best support that you can access wherever, and whenever, you need it.

Our online learning covers the following areas;

You can work through the resources in your own time, at your own pace. And whether you choose to complete a full module, or dip in and out, is completely up to you and your preferred learning style.

Our supportive resources are made up of a mixture of;

Interactive Presentations

Videos and Tutorials

How To Guides

Document Templates


Each module is broken down into manageable sections. For example, within the Finance for Business module you can find support on;

  • Business Planning
  • Business Taxation
  • Funding Pitch
  • How to Start Your Owns Business
  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Managing Your Business Finances
  • Access to Finance

We expect each individual topic section to take on average 20 minutes to complete.

So whether you want to complete a full course, or dip in and out of specific areas of support, the online learning is flexible to your needs.

Where should I start?

Maybe you have a new business and you are looking for support across the board but you're not sure where to start.

Or maybe you only have a limited amount of time so you really need to focus in on your key areas.

We have developed a diagnostic tool to help you. If you click on 'Where Do I Start' along the top of this page, you will be taken to our online diagnostic.

If you select that you need some help to determine the support your business needs, you will be taken to our fully interactive diagnostic. This tool is designed to provide resources and workshops tailored specifically to the answers that you provide.

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