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£800,000-plus grants available to North East manufacturing businesses after launch of £5.1 million project

More than £800,000 in Collaborative Projects Fund grants is now available to North East manufacturing businesses following the launch of a £5.1million project by the University of Sunderland.

The University of Sunderland is receiving almost £2.6million from the European Regional Development Fund towards the project.

The Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing (SAM) project is a multi-million pound scheme to support small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) across the North East LEP region, aiming to create jobs and unlock growth.

The pioneering initiative will enable businesses to become more productive and sustainable by supporting projects that develop their products, processes and technology.

Grant applications are invited from North East manufacturing SMEs looking for investment to support:
• New technology development and/or use by the firm
• New product validation (tests/consultancy/prototypes)
• Process improvement
• Research and development

Applications from SME consortiums are particularly encouraged. It is anticipated that most awards will be between £5,000 and £35,000 per project.

Anyone interested in a grant can find out more information on the SAM website

The Grant applications process

• Call issued via SAM website/ Press / Social Media/North East Growth Hub - open until March 2020, or until all available funding has been allocated

• Electronic Expression Of Interest (EOI) completed and submitted on the SAM website

• Assessment of EOIs by SAM Project Team
- EOIs out of the scope of Call rejected at this stage and provided with feedback on reasons for this decision

• Project Development
- EOIs in scope of Call provided with expert help from SAM project, which may include external consultancy assistance, to develop a full Project Business Case (PBC). This may involve, where appropriate, referral to potential SME consortia partners

• Submission of Project Business Case (PBC)
- further information may be sought by SAM Team at this stage

• SAM Project Selection Group consideration of applications (PBCs)
- applications meeting Call requirements recommended for approval to AMSG
- applications not meeting Call requirements provided with feedback on reasons for this decision, and made aware of appeals process

• AMSG consideration of applications recommended for approval

• Issue of Grant Offer Letter by University of Sunderland

• Return of signed acceptance of grant offer by grant recipient

• SAM Team support provided to applicant on meeting the ERDF procurement and grant claim requirements

• Payment of Grant Award on quarterly basis on receipt of eligible quarterly financial claims, accompanied by supporting evidence and satisfactory project delivery progress reports, by grant recipient. The purchase of any equipment with a value of £5k or greater is regarded as an asset (it is the total asset value not the value of the ERDF support) and their approved use must be maintained for a minimum period of 5 years. Any disposal of the asset within that period would require the University of Sunderland and the ERDF Managing Authority’s approval

Before you fill in an EOI, read the relevant SAM Project Grant Information available on our website. It explains:

✔ Who can apply - eligibility criteria
✔ What the grant money can be used for (eligible & ineligible costs)
✔ How to apply, how long the process will take & what the process is

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