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As it’s Valentines Day and there is love in the air, we would like to share the top six things we love about the Business Northumberland programme;

1. Our Team

We are lucky to be part of a great team at Business Northumberland and we love that we get to help businesses every day.

Our Business Advisers, Trainers and High Growth coaches may be the face of the programme out and about, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes too with support from across the team.

From managing the programme, to running our social media, to making sure everything we do is compliant – every day brings a new challenge.

2. Your Businesses

There are over 650 businesses registered to the Business Northumberland programme now and we love getting to meet you all and hear about how passionate you are about what you do.

No two are the same, and it’s so great to see the quality of services and products on offer in Northumberland.

We also love to hear about how Business Northumberland has helped to grow your business. Whether it’s taking the leap from your kitchen table to your first office space or developing new products and processes to taking on staff, nothing makes our job more worthwhile than when you achieve results.

We are also starting to establish a lively networking community, with regular sessions running across the county – make sure you register for your place through the Events section and we look forward to seeing you there.

3. Getting out and about in Northumberland

From Haltwhistle to Berwick to Blyth to Wooler – we get to travel all over Northumberland and see the best the county has to offer. You might have seen our recent photos of a cold morning by the sea in Blyth, or a tea room in a train carriage in Bellingham.

If not, make sure you are following our Business Northumberland Instagram.

4. We are demand-led programme

The programme has been constantly evolving over the last year and we are continuing to adapt to changes in legislation and demand as well as ensuring we are providing a service which is geared around your needs.

The GDPR sessions that we have been running since January have been very popular in helping you to understand how the changes to data protection law will affect your business.

We also have a waiting list for our most popular workshops to help us react to demand when planning future events.

Is there something you need help with that we don’t currently deliver? Or do you want to be added to the list for a specific workshop? Be sure to let us know.

5. Feedback

We want to hear your opinions.

They help us to shape the programme, do more of what you love and adapt the things we didn’t get quite right first time.

We always ask you to complete a feedback form at the end of a workshop but it’s not just about the training. This week we have received some great feedback from a business who, as a result of meeting other business through our networking and online community, have increased their sales in the local area.

6. Our Online Portal

We have heaps of online content ready for you to work through in your own time.

We know that it isn’t always possible to take time out of your business to come and join us for a workshop, so whether you’re looking for a template for a financial forecast or a plan for your newsletter content, our trainers have developed a huge range of supportive resources that are only a click away.

You need to be registered and logged in to our website to be able to access them. But once you are, you can find them under, “Access the Courses”.

There is still more to come from our online portal too so watch this space!

What do you love about the Business Northumberland programme? How has it supported your business? Be sure to let us know in the Business Northumberland Facebook group.
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