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Marketing your business has changed dramatically over recent years. The era of digital marketing is firmly with us and the use of social media, blogging and other digital channels are hugely valued, effective, relatively simple to use and monitor.

Digital marketing has gained its popularity mainly because consumer habits have shifted significantly; people are now much more likely to reach for their phone, tablet or other electronic devices to make purchasing decisions, make plans and find information, rather than purchase a newspaper or magazine or go through the Yellow Pages.

But does this mean traditional marketing is truly dead in the water?

While many forms of traditional marketing are viewed upon as stale and old-fashioned, there are still a few high-impact methods that may be worth consideration. For example:

Radio advertising
Commercial radio remains a thriving enterprise, and satellite radio and online streaming services are also popular. Many people listen to the radio when commuting and will follow the news, music shows, and sporting events.
Therefore, running a commercial or sponsoring a radio show may well pay dividends for your business – if your target audience listens in!

TV campaigns
Again, this is still a highly effective marketing tool, although it’s probably a costly option.
Most people have satellite or cable TV, and many still watch terrestrial TV, meaning they’re also exposed to television commercials. It’s worth remembering that most streaming TV companies also play commercials. With this in mind, using TV as a channel to market your business could be an excellent way to reach consumers.

We still see these, particularly in urban areas, and when done correctly are difficult to miss. Whether it’s an eye-catching photograph or interesting tagline, billboards will leave an impression, so they are a viable marketing strategy.
Advertising on a billboard can help you to reach an audience on a large scale and can expose your brand in a memorable way.

Bear in mind, these traditional marketing methods are ‘broadcasting’ to your audiences rather than engaging on the spot with them. They can also be difficult to track and evaluate compared to digital marketing methods. However, there may still be a time and a place when they’re worth using – with your specific aims and objectives in mind.

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