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See your potential unfold with Freedom Planning

When I created Freedom Planning, life was definitely out of balance.
I hope to inspire you to write DAY ONE at the top of a page somewhere and never look back.
You are so welcome here and I am writing this message with a grateful heart to each and every one of you who reads this and I want to be completely honest with you from the get go...

Ignite Your Business Through the Science of Communication

Teresa Peters from Accelerator Coaching features in this guest blog about understanding yourself and raising your self-awareness is fundamental before you can run a successful business or get along with people in this life.

Re-starting, recovery and resilience, why the relaxing of restrictions means businesses should “Stay Alert”

Matthew Curtis from M4C Ltd - A consulting, coaching and training business based in the North East, writes this weeks guest blog about re-starting, recovery and resilience.


As we enter another national lockdown or "lockdown 2.0" we hear from Dr Laura Walton from Two Clicks Psychological Services There is a statistic going around that depression rates have tripled since the April 2020 lockdown. Tripled! And they were already high enough. But what if we are missing something vital about this picture?

Shop Local Week is part of the government’s Enjoy Summer Safely campaign, encouraging people to get back out to the shops and resume to some kind of pre-covid lifestyle, while following safety guidelines.

Some secrets to personal and professional growth during lockdown

To mark mental health awareness week, this week's blog is from Dr Laura Walton from Two Clicks Psychological Services giving some tips on how to stay mentally well during lockdown.


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