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Business Planning

Business Planning
What is a business plan?
 The purpose of your business plan

This article tells you about the benefits of a business plan.

 Creating your business plan

Watch this video to see what you should include in a business plan.

Making your own business plan
 Creating your business plan
 Business plan template

This is a template business plan in Word format that you can download and complete. It is recommended that you also submit this to your tutor and business advisor in the activity below.

 Business plan assessment

You can submit your business plan to the course tutor and your business advisor to receive feedback on it. This is an optional part of the course, however it is recommended that you do this.

End of Module
 End of course feedback

Your feedback on the course can help us to improve it. Please take a moment to complete this form.

 How to guide: Your business plan
Download this resource to help you with your business plan.

 Personal development plan
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