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With ever changing algorithms, businesses are increasingly turning towards Facebook Groups as a part of their marketing strategy.

Facebook groups are a great way of building a community, club or keeping in touch with customers and fans. If you are considering setting up your own Facebook group for your business, our top tips are:

1. Plan your objectives

Before you set up the group, ask yourself why you are doing it and what you hope to achieve for your business by running it. For example, is it to inform people? Is it to develop a community? Is it to stay in touch with people who’ve attended your event or a special project launch? Once you have your objectives clear, you’re ready to go!

2. Settings

Do you want your group to be public so anyone can find it and read all the posts? Or closed, meaning anyone can find it but only the members can see the posts? Or you may want your group to be secret in which case only the members can find it and can see the posts. Once you have decided on the privacy settings, you have to decide how you would like your members to interact in the group. You can let them posts post directly into the group or you may want the opportunity to moderate their posts first. These options can all be found in the group settings.

3. Rules

Be clear and consistent with the rules that the members of the group need to abide by. It sounds strict, but if you are trying to build a community of supportive business owners, the last thing you want in your group are people continuously trying to sell their products and services. The way in which you manage your group will determine whether you meet your business objectives for doing so.

4. Time

Allocate how much time you can spend (every day) managing, preparing content and nurturing the people in your group.

5. Content

If you are choosing to communicate with the people in your group every day, you need to know what you’re going to say. Asking questions is a great way to entice members to engage. You may feel that you would like to devise a content plan for your group (or it can be included in your overall social media content plan) as well as think about spontaneous content. Within your group, you have the option to write posts adding photos or video to them, create a poll to conduct some market research, sell products, add files, create events and even film a live video! A mix of content will help keep your group members engaged.

6. People

Who do you want to invite into your group (Remember only people are group members not businesses)? This ties in directly with your objectives for setting the group up.

We have our own Business Northumberland Facebook Group which is only open to businesses who have registered on to the programme, you can find us here.
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