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The battle of function over design (and vice versa) is certainly not a new concept to website design, but it's time we talked about something that is well within your control and needs to stop.


Well, large images.

Large, heavy images to be exact.

Look, I get it, a picture tells a thousand words - images are great!

But we want you to think about your pictures and we wanted to share a couple of tips that will mean you get to keep your beautiful pics, but keep your site running super-fast.

Let's assume you've taken a picture yourself using your smartphone. I've just taken one to test - the way my phone is set up, the image I just took is 4032 pixels wide by 3024 pixels tall and comes in at a rather heavy 5.5MB.

The width of this site is 1150 pixels.

So, will anyone be able to see the full width of the image?


The first thing I can do is to reduce its physical dimensions. If I reduce it down to 1151 x 863 pixels it can still display the full width of the site but is now a much more reasonable 574.5 KB.

Going one step further, I take my correctly proportioned image and I compress it - this process takes out anything that weighing down the image (making it load slower) and this process further reduces the file size by an additional 77% so it's now just 132.9 KB.

Resizing and compressing your images will have a huge impact on the page load time and therefore SEO (both website visitors AND search engines love a speedy site).

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