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A press release (also known as a news release, media release or press statement) is a written communication directed at journalists for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy. The following guide talks you through the process of writing a press release.

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The lead sentence contains the most important information in 25 words or less. Grab your reader’s attention here by stating the news you have to announce. Do not assume that your reader has read your headline or summary paragraph; the lead should stand on its own.

A press release, like a news story, keeps sentences and paragraphs short. You only need about three or four lines per paragraph. The first couple of paragraphs should answer the who, what, when, where, why and how questions.

A standard press release is 300 to 800 words and written in a word document. The ideal headline is 80 characters long. The whole release should be no longer than two pages.

The rest of the news release explains the information provided in the lead paragraph. It includes quotes from key staff, customers or subject matter specialists. It contains more details about the news you want to tell, which can be about something unique or controversial or about a prominent person, place or thing.

The tone is neutral and objective, not full of hype or text that is typically found in an advertisement. Avoid directly addressing the consumer or your target audience. The use of "I," "we" and "you" outside of a direct quotation is a flag that your copy is an advertisement rather than a news release.

The final paragraph of a traditional news release contains the least newsworthy material but it is also acceptable to restate and summarise the key points with a paragraph like the next one.

It’s also worth adding a contact name and phone number at the end for readers to get more information. You can also include details on product availability, trademark acknowledgment, etc. here.

Editor's Notes

Include a short corporate backgrounder, or "boilerplate," about the company or the person who is newsworthy before you list the contact person’s name and phone number.

Finish off by including your contact details, company name and website address.
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