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For those of you who don’t know what WooCommerce is;

It is a plugin available to WordPress websites that turns your non-commerce site (where visitors cannot buy your product or service from your website), into an e-commerce site (where visitors can buy your product or service) and is used on over 7 million websites worldwide.

The plugin itself is free, and has a lot of functionality built in, meaning that many businesses can use it. There are some paid plugins you can install to compliment WooCommerce that offer additional features such as:

● Offer subscriptions for customers
● Use different payment methods
● Get shipping rates
● Create smart coupons for marketing purposes

Possibilities are endless for plugins you can add to your WooCommerce website. Here are a few other reasons why you should WooCommerce on your WordPress website...

Manage your stock effortlessly

There are a few plugins that you can install to help you track your stock and orders using a simple platform (WooCommerce actually does a pretty good job of this straight out of the box).

One of the more popular plugins to use to do this is TradeGecko - it allows you to manage all of your stock, purchasing and sales in one easy to use system. You can connect your sales channels together and streamline your business. A few of its key features are:

• managing multiple WooCommerce stores
• multi-channel sales management
• keep stock levels up-to-date across all sales channels
• manage orders & fulfilments with ease
• customer & supplier management
• monitoring sales on iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch enables wholesale on-the-go for the store owner

Managing stock is critical to ensure you aren’t selling a product that you don’t have - stock management can be set up to ensure that your product gets marked as “out of stock”, so you don’t have any disappointed customers wondering where their order is.

Payment methods

It certainly has one of the most powerful and wide variety of payment methods available to your store. You can connect to the more popular payment methods, like Paypal and Amazon Pay, as well as your standard MasterCard, Visa Card and American Express. These are all available to you for free and connect to your business’ payment method seamlessly.

Making it easy for your customers to use their preferred payment method increases the likelihood of conversions occurring and reduces abandoned carts (customer leaving items in their online ‘basket’ without paying).

Digital products

WooCommerce has the capacity to sell digital products as well as physical products. These digital products can be something like downloadable books or e-learning courses. So, for exmaple, it’s not just online clothes stores that can use WooCommerce, its everyday businesses as well; whatever your wares, you can sell them using WooCommerce.

As an added bonus you can use Woocommerce to drive reviews and comments on products/services creating instant testimonials for your business. This form of social proof marketing helps would-be shoppers to decide that you’re the place they want to spend their money.

Other customers sharing how great the experience, product or service was adds huge weight to your online marketing (and you can use these reviews with other parts of your marketing too).
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