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Etsy is an amazing place for small retail shops to sell their crafts. It can be anything from wedding gifts to jewellery, to toys and games; the sky's the limit. It’s a great new avenue of business that smaller businesses should use to sell their products to boost their sales.

Phase One: What should I do first?

First thing you need to start selling on Etsy is setting up your account. Registering your account on Etsy is a really simple. Visit click “register’ and fill in the blank form. Now this is where it becomes tricky, you need a suitable username for your brand and you need to come up with it at this stage. You will be asked to come up with your username at this stage and you can change it at any point, however it’s best if you try to keep a consistent brand. This will become your URL for your store (

Make sure your username is easy to spell and is relevant to your industry. For example, if you are originally a hat store called “Top Hats” but further down the line you change your craft and only sell children’s toys this could be confusing to your customers and decrease sales.

Phase Two: Creating an online store

In this phase you need to convert your account from a buyer account into a seller account. Upon sign up, Esty auto registers you as a buyer. So, to convert your account you must first be logged in, click the “sell” tab at the top of the page and then click “get started” on the proceeding pages. For this to work you will need a valid credit/debit card associated to the store.

Stock your shelves. Now you need to add your items that you wish to sell. To do this you will need:

● Photo or photos of your craft (if you have different variations it’s best to show these in your photos so your customers know what to expect).
● Title of your product. Think about adding keywords that your customers can search for to easily buy your product.
● Add details about your craft i.e. who made the item, when was it made and what category is it in.
● Adding a description is great for introducing your product. You need to provide a brief overview of the product. Listing a key feature and product dimensions in easy to read bullet points can help you sell your craft.
● You will need to add the price of your product as well as adding the cost of shipping your product.

After doing this for all your products, in the next tab you need to list your policies. In this section you will determine how you sell on Etsy. You need to think about the following:

● Do you accept exchanges or returns?
● Will you do custom work?
● Do you have a waiting period prior to shipment?
● Are you liable if your product is damaged while being shipped?

Phase Three: Good looking store front

Now let’s make your storefront look good! When buyers visit your Esty shop, they will be directed to your “storefront”. This is the first thing your visitors will see, you need to make this as inviting as you possibly can. You can add a banner image and personal information about the store. You can say how you make your craft and/or information about how you came up with this business idea.

A great way to develop good looking imagery for your Etsy store is to use Canva. This is a free, online graphic design and image editing platform that anyone can use. You can design custom social media posts, blog graphics, presentations, posters and more importantly you can create custom Etsy Banners.

Canva will also teach you the simple and basic graphic design principles focusing on how to use fonts, colours, images, backgrounds, layouts and how to apply them to your own Canva designs.
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