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As Facebook continues to evolve and change the way posts are displayed in news feeds, you may need to pay to promote your content on Facebook to ensure that the right people see it. This is the way Facebook earns money and it’s not going to change anytime soon!

There are two options available – boosting a post and advertising. Understanding the differences between boosted posts and advertising on Facebook will help you make better budget decisions that will meet your digital marketing aims and objectives.

Boosting a post

If you run a Facebook business page, you’ll probably have spotted a notification encouraging you to “boost a post” in the lower right corner of your posts.

This usually means that the post is high-performing, or Facebook’s algorithms has decided that it’s similar to posts that other page admins have recently boosted.

Boosting a post is very easy to do and allows you to select any post that you’ve already published on your Page’s timeline and promote it. It’s designed to maximise the visibility for that one, single post and achieve as much engagement for it as possible.

You have the option to target “People who like your page and their friends” or “People you choose through targeting.” And you’ll also be able to set your budget and the duration you want it to run. If the post you’re boosting contains a link you can choose to encourage people to visit your site instead.

It really is that simple and it even saves your target audience settings so that you can use it repeatedly, therefore saving you time and effort. Boosting posts is a simplified extension of the Facebook Ads system and is designed to be very simple and quick to use.

What about Facebook advertising? Facebook advertising is more complex and, while it can be daunting at first, the advert manager interface offers a great deal more options than simply boosting a post.

The types of adverts you can choose to use will all depend on your advertising campaign aim and the system offers plenty of objective options including brand awareness and reach, lead conversion, store visits, engagement and video views to name a few.

It also gives you control over who gets to see your advert through choosing demographics, interests and location, for example, and how you pay for it. You can select where the advert will be placed, including Facebook newsfeeds and side ads, Instagram feeds and stories, and messenger ads. You can also choose if you’d like your campaign to be shown to mobile or desktop users only.

In summary, if you’re after quick engagement or want to promote a very specific message, then boosted posts can work very favourably on occasion. Ultimately, however, using Facebook Ads will allow you to fully customise your promotion efforts and you’ll be able to optimise it exactly to meet your objectives.

It’s worth investing time and effort in understand both so you can use it to best effect for your digital marketing!

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