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The Facebook Live streaming service lets anyone broadcast from their mobile and desktop devices straight to the Facebook News Feed and, since its launch in April 2016, the popularity of live streaming video has grown massively.

It’s a fun and fairly simple way to use the power of video to communicate your brand stories and build authentic relationships with your followers in real time.

Once a Facebook Live video is created it will remain on your page or profile for viewers who missed the live event.

The basics of Facebook Live for Business

• Get Facebook up on your smart phone or desktop, and head to your business page or group as you would do normally.
When you chose to post, tap the live video button (which will be located in different places depending on whether you’re using the desktop or app version of Facebook).

• When live is chosen from the desktop, you can post live on your personal timeline, your group, page or an event.

• Add a description to the video, so viewers will know what the video is about. You can also tag in friends and add your location and, on your phone, you can even add masks to change your character!

• Before you go live, be sure to make sure your camera is pointing in the right direction!

• Tap the ‘Go Live’ button and start recording your video.

• Interact with your viewers and reply to any comments they have.

• When you’re done click finish to end the broadcast.

• The broadcast will then be saved for people who couldn’t join you live to watch later.

Getting the most out of Facebook Live

• Be prepared! Know the purpose of your Live video.

• Make sure you have a strong internet connection and can connect to Facebook!

• If you’re on your phone, use a tripod rather than an unsteady hand.

• Tell your audience beforehand that you’re scheduled to go live.

• Add a catchy headline to your post before going live to grab attention.

• Ask your viewers to subscribe to your Facebook Live videos so they get notified every time you go live.

• Always respond to your commenters by name and answer any questions they might leave in the comments.

• Make sure your video is a good length; the longer the stream the more time it gives people to tune in. The best time, according to Facebook, is 10 minutes.

• Have fun and don’t worry if it is not perfect!

What kind of content can you share on a Live?

Showcasing an event
Facebook Live is a great way to broadcast events so customers who can’t attend will feel included. Give a glimpse behind the scenes. We all know that people like to do business with people rather than a faceless company. Showing off your personality and the values behind your company, whether it be sharing a sneaky peek into a meeting or a stroll around the office, can all help build a rounded picture of your brand and engender trust and interest with your audience.

Sharing industry trends and news
Keeping your audience informed on industry trends is good way to build followers in a more natural way without being overly sales-focused. By answering questions and sharing your opinions, people will look to you to stay informed on industry news, and you’ll build an engaged following.

Do a demo
How-to guides work can well on a live streaming platform. Think cookery demonstrations, music, make-up products, and arts and crafts for example. You’ll not only demonstrate how your own product or service works, but also show how to perform tasks related to your industry. Doing so will build your reputation as knowledgeable, helpful and trusted.

A great way to get engagement and connect with your audience. You can keep things internal and interview your customers, associates or employees, or even bring in people of interest, celebrities or influencers for example, that you know your audience would love to watch.

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