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Why not apply these principles to see if you can increase your sales:

Whenever we are working with business owners, we always end up discussing best practice ideas and comparing notes on what’s working.

Here are a few ideas we have come up with in terms of increasing sales.

Share your message with the right audience

It is critical that you know your audience as well as they know themselves. When you understand who they are, their needs, and what drives them to action, you will then be able to craft simple but compelling messages that will resonate with your prospects.

If your messages are not relevant to their needs, desires, or motivators, they won’t listen or respond to you because they will assume they don’t want or need what you are selling.

Put the customers’ needs first

A common mistake some business owners or self-employed individuals make is trying to force a perspective customer into swiping their credit card before they’ve truly understood the client’s needs

But, if you put your customer’s needs first, your sales will always be met (and sometimes exceeded) with a high quantity of quality transactions.

Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes first and be sure that you are offering a solution that meets their requirements. That may sometimes mean being honest when you don’t offer a solution that is a good fit for them. Your honesty will always earn you a great reputation and possibly referrals to other prospects who could be a better fit.

Be irreplaceable for your clients

Do you want to be that stand out business with the coveted solution? Then you must segment your ideal clients so that you can learn as much about them, their industry, and their challenges as possible and be effective when you are presenting your solutions.

Let’s say you target B2B clients. Segment them by industry geography and size of clients, either by the number of employees or revenue. If your company believes that the riches are in the niches you may want to invest in conducting market research, trend analysis, or competitive analysis on this industry so that you can build high impact yet simple messages that hone in on your target clients’ challenges and how you present your solution resonates with them.

If you don’t have the resources to conduct comprehensive research, then Google works just fine as a starting point. You can also attend conferences, seminars, and networking events that cater to the industry segment you’re interested in, so you can fill in your knowledge gaps.

When companies are weighing their solutions and provider options, the person they are dealing with is often the primary differentiator. You matter more than what you sell, what it costs, or the company providing the solution.

Prospects will choose your competitor if you don’t do a good enough job showing them how genuinely invested you are in their success.

Existing customers can be wooed by your competitors when you stop adding real value to their business.

This is when they can start using pricing, product, or brand as differentiating elements in their decision making.

But you don’t have to be scared of your competition because you have the opportunity to win your client’s business over and over.


Because you have the control over the sales experience you deliver.

So, make that experience amazing for the customer every time.

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