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Generating new content ideas can be a daunting prospect, especially if you post regularly across various social media channels. However, content is all around us, we just need to get sharper at spotting what makes a great post, a great tweet, or blog.

Listed below are ten more content ideas - make sure you haven't missed Part One!

Remember to always post with your perfect customer in mind and aim to inform and engage rather than sell.

These tips can help you create a monthly content calendar.

11. Your Story We all love stories. We learn best from listening to and sharing stories. Social media gives us countless ways (photos, text, videos, gifs, memes) to tell our stories and countless platforms to share it on.

We all have a story, so share it. You may assume your story isn’t interesting or inspiring, but your audience will.

More than a success story people love a struggle story with a success at the end, so don’t be afraid of sharing your journey.

12. Meme

A meme is simply an image with text over the top. They tend to be funny or inspirational and can become exceptionally sharable pieces of content. You can easily create your own with free resources such as Canva. Our online learning includes a how-to video on using this helpful tool.

Remember to add your branding, to credit the source of quotes and to ensure you have permission to use the images.

13. Live Video

Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat all have functionality to produce live videos. Lose your fear and plan some into your content schedule.

Remember, half of the fun is making sure that it isn’t perfect, we all love to watch ‘real’ life, and sometime the spontaneous live videos can be the best kind of content.

14. Ask a question

Post a question on your social media business pages and encourage people to answer it!

Make it relevant to them and something that is easy to answer.

15. An event you’re attending

If you’re attending an event, build this into your social media calendar and promote that you’re going, find other businesses also attending the event and chat to them and take pictures at the event itself.

Remember to tag in the hosts or use a hashtag they have created for the event, as they may share your posts to their audience.

16. Behind the scenes - your team

People love behind the scenes posts as it gives them an opportunity to learn more about your business and build up trust in it.

If you have a team then show them off using pictures, videos and any of the other types of content in this list!

17. Behind the scenes – you!

Many small business owners never appear in their own social media as they want to stay ‘out of the limelight’. But the most successful social media influencers do invite their audiences to get to know their business personas and share information and images of themselves.

Remember, featuring you is not about ego; it’s about allowing your perfect customers to get to know you and trust you before they’ve even spent a penny with you.

18. Behind the scenes - current book, movie, articles, blogs you’re into

If you’re reading/watching something useful then share that with your audience. Or maybe you’d like some recommendations, so ask for them.

Whilst this type of content is often related to your industry it’s also a great way to demonstrate your personality and open up the wider conversation by asking for movie or box set recommendations or for a restaurant or shoe shop recommendation etc. If you need advice the chances are your audience will be only too happy to provide it!

19. Testimonials and reviews

If you’ve been given a great testimonial then share it; other people have taken the time to praise you and your business. You can type it up, turn it into a graphic, video yourself reading it, share a link to it or even better record your customer reading it.

If people have left you positive reviews on Facebook, Google or LinkedIn, share those links on the other platforms.

20. Inspirational Quotes

People love to be inspired. Create your own quotes (by turning them into great graphics using free apps such as or other peoples’ quotes that have inspired you.

Still need more inspiration?

Check out Part One.

You could also book a place at one of our upcoming fully-funded Content is King workshops.

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