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Generating new content ideas can be a daunting prospect, especially if you post regularly across various social media channels. However, content is all around us, we just need to get sharper at spotting what makes a great post, a great tweet, or blog.

Listed below are ten content ideas with explanations to get you started. We'll be posting another ten next week too!

Remember to always post with your perfect customer in mind and aim to inform and engage rather than sell.

These tips can help you create a monthly content calendar.

1. Long post

Long posts are great for channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook; they are essentially mini blogs and are used when you have something meatier to say. Remember to break up your sentences into paragraphs so that your post is easier to read on both desktop and mobile devices.

On LinkedIn you have a dedicated area to host your posts, on Facebook you can post an Instant Article.

2. List post

A list is where you bring together various useful content for the benefit of your reader e.g. Top 5 Small Business Bloggers, The 10 Best Free Royalty Free Photo Sites.

These types of post can work well as a blog but also as a mini ‘series’ on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Think about what your audience may find useful as a curated list and ask them to add their suggestions.

3. Pre-Recorded Video

Your mobile phone is a video studio in your pocket – so use it! You don’t have to be an editing professional to use videos, simply shoot short and simple videos and post them to your preferred channels.

Video content works well across all channels, just be mindful of the best length e.g. YouTube is ideal for longer videos, Twitter is ideal for really short snippets such as reply to someone who has mentioned you in a tweet and Facebook videos work well under a minute or so.

With pre-recorded video you have the opportunity to ‘get it right’ unlike using live!

4. Your recent and 'evergreen' blog posts

If you write blog posts, share the links to them across all your social media channels. Evergreen content is that which has a long life-span (like an evergreen tree which doesn’t lose its leaves) and can be shared more than once over months.

Twitter is a great platform for evergreen content as you can keep sharing away!

Remember your aim is to write useful, entertaining and engaging blog posts for your audience which will be hosted on your website. Sharing the links drives people back to your website to read your content and they may stay on your site for longer!

5. Freebies!

If you have a freebie i.e. something you give people in return for their email, then be sure to regularly share this across your social media platforms. Tweet about it, create an image, record a video of you showing it off.

Don’t be shy about promoting a valuable freebie; it should form a core part of your content calendar.

You can set up landing pages on your website to automate the process of collecting email data and sending out freebies in return.

6. Share other people's content

This seems really obvious, but the internet is crammed full of websites where you can share content from – and they WANT you to share their content!

So when you’re reading a blog or watching a video hit that share button and share to one (or more) of your platforms.

Let your perfect customer know why you think it will be useful for them and they may be more encouraged to take the time out to read/watch etc.

7. Advice Posts

If you know it, teach it!

If you’ve read an amazing book, been on a really useful course, been to a great networking group then share that advice, don’t keep it to yourself.

Share the main tips and hints and the reason why you think they will help your audience achieve their aims.

Be generous with your time and knowledge and people will appreciate you.

8. Sales Posts

Post a call to action e.g. buy/order/book now to encourage sales and post about your promotions.

But remember to use these posts sparingly, no one likes being constantly sold to on social media.

9. Comment on influencers content

Make sure you like influencers within your industry from your business social media accounts, not just your personal profiles. That way when you comment and engage with their content you are raising awareness of your own company.

It’s likely that within your industry there are a few really influential people who your perfect customers will love to hear from; so regularly commenting and sharing their content is an incredibly easy way to be socially active.

10. Photo of you with a group of people

If your business involves meeting lots of people then get into the habit of taking plenty of photos of you with them. You may be a trainer, a hairdresser, a dog groomer, own a hotel or you may simply attend lots of networking.

Whenever you meet people, if they are relevant to your audience (and they don’t mind) upload photos of you with them and tag them/their business.

People love to see and hear you talking about them and will normally re-share these types of posts meaning both businesses have their profiles raised.

And you never know who else in their network may see you!

Still need more inspiration?

Next week we will be posting Part Two with another ten ideas.

You could also book a place at one of our upcoming fully-funded Content is King workshops.

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