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Guest Blog: Claire Venus

Published: 08 January 2021

When I created Freedom Planning, life was definitely out of balance.  

I hope to inspire you to write DAY ONE at the top of a page somewhere and never look back. 

You are so welcome here and I am writing this message with a grateful heart to each and every one of you who reads this and I want to be completely honest with you from the get go... 

Freedom Planning was born from a place of sheer overwhelm.  It was the light out of the dark tunnel of collapsing bookshelves and missed appointments!  

I’ve experienced serious anxiety three times in my life.  Over the last decade, I‘ve built coping mechanisms and a tool box of delightful ways to avoid this little gremlin sticking around although it does pop up from time to time and is a brilliant way to know something is our of whack!

So where does creativity come in? 

For me, I feel I’ve always NEEDED creativity in my life - it’s my heart song, my medicine and my driver so I would add that to the above equation for my levels of happiness and feeling content.  I feel the same about Yoga!  These things are of course personal to me but I feel they have the power to transform so much in people - I’m a huge fan! 

I’ve been very lucky and since graduating I’ve followed a career path that’s seen me achieve amazing things in arts and cultural project management.  I’ve worked with a tonne of brilliant people and I know I have changed children and young people’s lives for the better by introducing creative experiences and interactions to them through the projects I’ve raised funding for, managed and produced! 

The flip side if you like is I’ve also encountered a lot of egos!  As I’ve moved more towards making wellness part of my everyday life (my partner is a yoga teacher) I’ve noticed a huge disconnect between what I’m spending a huge chunk of my life “doing” and what actually makes me happy and connects me most to my heart.   

When I noticed this disconnect, I was also managing a house extension, 5 freelance projects, being a mum, opening a yoga studio in our home, life admin and paying bills.  Probably just spinning plates like all of us do.  It was normal?!  It was the summer of 2017, I had a lot on and I was energised by the summer and the work I was doing but each week I would find something would get out of balance...

As I observed what was happening in my environment and started taking notes I noticed things like... 

·       I’d missed time to do Yoga again and another week had gone by

·       My wardrobe was a mess and I couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear

·       My laundry pile was huge and my little boy had no clean socks - where do they all go? 

·       Work was demanding more and more, I was taking phone calls on days off, checking email before bed! 

·       I had no herbs to add to any of our meals - everything was bland! 

·       I hadn’t seen any friends for coffee in weeks 

·       My little boy had fallen asleep by the time I got home from work so I’d only seen him for 1.5 hours that morning. 

·       My partner was teaching yoga back to back and then into the evenings and was loosing weight as we’d fallen behind with food shopping! 

·       I was drinking a TONNE of coffee! 

Sometimes some of these things would happen all at once! Just a day or so apart.  We weren’t thriving, just surviving!  I was making decisions about work and took contract after contract out of fear of not being able to pay bills and had really lost sight of my self-worth.

It was time for a big shift change!   I found my fire – we get one life and I was all out of balance in it.

So I wrote down...

All the things I loved to do...

Things like...

·       Date afternoon with my partner at the beach

·       Painting walls

·       Painting furniture 

·       Hanging with our back-yard chickens 

·       Leisurely jigsaw afternoons and baking with my son

·       Working on projects that aligned with my core values 

·       Seeing friends

·       Going to the spa or for a swim 

·       Walking 

·       Watching the moon

·       Watching the sunset 

·       Writing 

·       Knitting

·       Baths

·       Practising yoga 

And I made space for them each week.  That’s it!  

And then the MAGIC really happened, my new business was born out of simply making space for the things I love.  My work completely shifted.  I set clear boundaries, worked with different intents each month. 

My quality of life dramatically improved and I felt more happy, centred and balanced than ever before! 

And you can too... 

I’m Claire and I’m the founder of Creatively Conscious. I use this set of planning tools to get the most from my week and I’ve written it all up to help you design a structure that makes space for creativity and wellbeing.

Are you ready to sharpen your self-awareness and get going with your creative goals?

Freedom Planning takes 14 days and is a method of self- enquiry promoting positive self-belief.

I think you’ll love it and it will change the way you plan your weeks forever!

Above all, test and adjust and have fun with it - it’s your life remember!

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