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Leadership and management

An introduction to Leadership & Management for Small and Medium sized businesses...

...covers all the essential knowledge that owners and managers of small and medium size businesses need to know about the organisation of their business and the skills they need to develop to lead and manage it effectively.

Coming soon our online content, how to guides and associated workshops will show you how to put your business on firm foundations: from the legal requirements, through supporting its operations and managing its people.

For yourself, it will develop the personal skills you need to lead and manage effectively, whether you are just starting out in business or growing and expanding; whether you are an experienced business owner/manager or brand new to it.

This programme covers all the key areas that affect your business performance:

  • Leading and Managing your Business
  • Communication, Presentation and Time Management skills
  • Managing People and Change

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What you will get out of it:

  • A vision for the longer term for your business
  • Practise in leadership & management skills to achieve your business aims
  • Know your own management style and how that affects business performance
  • Developed communication skills and know their importance in business leadership and management
  • Better management of your own time
  • Understand the way changes in the business affect performance and your people
  • Have identified the ‘people’ in your business – your stakeholders
  • A plan to take your own learning and development forward

We are currently running associated workshops which are delivered in a fun but knowledgeable manner by trainers who have been there and done that, so you are able to ask relevant questions and understand their journey as well as network and problem share with like-minded business owners.

Get hands-on by attending one of our workshops built specifically for your business area, check out the full list of events here.

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