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Growing Existing and Entering New Markets

Our Growing Existing Business and Entering New Markets programme supports any business from day one of trading through to well established and developed businesses with regard to examining new market opportunities, growth strategies and sales focus.
Coming Soon the on-line resources will include “how to guides” and learning modules; we also run a number of practical workshops covering Growing New business and entering new markets.

The practical and easy to understand “how to guides” and complementary learning modules cover eleven subject areas:

  • Exploring new markets;
  • Routes to market;
  • Exporting and Internationalisation;
  • Grow existing markets;
  • Marketing and Sales strategy;
  • Spotting opportunities to diversify;
  • Identifying and developing strategic partnerships;
  • Sales processes and skills;
  • Grow the value of existing customers;
  • Product and market Diversification;
  • Pitching the idea.

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Businesses of all stages who use our Growing new business and entering new markets resources will have a clearer understanding of how to explore new markets, look at and develop opportunities for growth and pitch an idea.

The associated workshops are available NOW, they are delivered in a fun but knowledgeable manner by trainers who have been there and done that, so you are able to ask relevant questions and understand their journey as well as network and problem share with like-minded business owners.

Get hands-on by attending one of our workshops built specifically for your business area, check out the full list of events here.

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