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There's no getting away from it, in business we spend an enormous amount of time communicating – with suppliers, customers, staff, enquirers – the list seems endless. It may be a surprise to know that we spend approximately 70% of our time communicating with others.

Despite the opportunities for learning that perceived failure from a growth planning perspective can bring, most of us running businesses view failure in a negative way and try to avoid it.

It's a big step, isn't it if your business hasn't had employees before. Your thoughts run round and round – I'll have to let go of some of the business, and what about the day to day 'people' issues - how do I keep my vision of the business intact? But I need more capacity, I don’t want to go on working all hours, or miss out on new markets and opportunities.

Marketing your business has changed dramatically over recent years. The era of digital marketing is firmly with us and the use of social media, blogging and other digital channels are hugely valued, effective, relatively simple to use and monitor.

So, you have plans to grow the business. You've got a Business Plan to take you through the growth phase and you've discussed finances. You're set to go – or are you?

In just a few words, customer reviews speak a thousand - about you, your brand, your customer service and your ethics.

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