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Many people question the need to use social media as part of their marketing strategy and wonder about its effectiveness for producing a return on the time spent managing it all.

Business Boom! has been and gone. Despite our best efforts (link to other blog) to convince you not to come, 85 businesses turned up to the biggest support conference in Northumberland.

It seems to be generally accepted that it is difficult for an SME to secure finance, but how true is this? Clearly the perceived position of the banks as being “risk averse” is a factor in this.

I love working with SMEs. The SME environment is fast moving, full of fascinating businesses, and every time I meet a new business I get the same feeling of excitement about learning what they do, and how the Business Northumberland programme can help the owners achieve their ambitions.

The best business interactive conference is taking place in Northumberland in September 2017. You're invited. But we get it. You're too busy doing your thing everyday to attend. We agree. Here's 5 reasons not to attend...

Just like any other goal, marketing goals should be measurable. But they also must be specific and realistic as well.

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