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Despite the opportunities for learning that perceived failure from a growth planning perspective can bring, most of us running businesses view failure in a negative way and try to avoid it.

It's a big step, isn't it if your business hasn't had employees before. Your thoughts run round and round – I'll have to let go of some of the business, and what about the day to day 'people' issues - how do I keep my vision of the business intact? But I need more capacity, I don’t want to go on working all hours, or miss out on new markets and opportunities.

Your Twitter account is an integral part of your marketing mix and positively contributes to how you’re perceived online. When you open a Twitter account, your profile needs to be set up correctly to ensure that the audience’s first impression of your business on Twitter is a great one.

So, you have plans to grow the business. You've got a Business Plan to take you through the growth phase and you've discussed finances. You're set to go – or are you?

In just a few words, customer reviews speak a thousand - about you, your brand, your customer service and your ethics.

Making Tax Digital starts to come into effect from 1st April 2019, but with the House of Lords Select Committee joining other calls to delay its introduction, claiming HMRC has failed to adequately support small businesses, should you be worried if you are one of the businesses that fall within its scope?

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