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Business Northumberland is delivering a full day business conference at The Alnwick Garden on Tuesday 6th November, if you’re still not sure whether to book a place. Here are four reasons why it might not be for you;

1. You prefer to fund your own training

All our business support is fully funded so there is no cost to you or your business to attend. By attending ‘Ignite Your Business’ you don’t have to splash out on training, leaving you to spend your budget on other areas of your business. We even include lunch so you’ll be looked after all day! But who really wants an all-inclusive day of training without any financial commitment?

2. Your business doesn’t need expert support

We have gone to great lengths to procure the best trainers from across the North East, who are all experts in their respective fields. They all have a wealth of experience working with small businesses too, so they’ve seen it all – the good, the bad and the ugly. Over the course of the day, our trainers will work with you to develop a practical growth plan that you can take away, with clear actions that you can implement to support the growth of your business. Following the event, you can still register for any of our other workshops, or work with a Business Growth Adviser one on one to continue your journey. But why take expert advice when you would much rather take the time to do the research and encounter the pitfalls yourself. Afterall it’s character building.

3. You prefer a less inspiring venue

The Alnwick Garden is described as one of the world’s most ambitious new gardens. The Pavilion Room has floor to ceiling windows which look out over the garden and the Grand Cascade. But why bother working on your business in such inspiring grounds, your attention will be on the task in hand anyway. And we’re sure that your social media feeds don’t need any exciting new content.

4. Making new business connections isn’t your cup of tea

You might be a sole trader but that does not mean you’re alone. You’ll be in a room filled with businesses who can relate to your struggles and share in your successes. The Northumberland business community is exactly that – a community. But making connections and building a supportive network isn’t for everyone.

If, despite all this, you still think that Ignite Your Business is for you, you can register through our website here.

Places are limited and attendees must be registered to the Business Northumberland programme. Priority will be given to businesses who have received a limited amount of support to date (less than 12 hours).

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